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The ISPress welcomes submissions of short fiction. Fantasy, Horror and Erotica are welcome.   

Include the words ISPress and Submission in the subject line or your email may be discarded

Poetry, flash fiction and micros are welcome

Word limit 7000 words - Times New Roman 12 pt. - double spaced - one line between paragraphs - one space between sentences

submit by email -

  jsutta at yahoo dot com

Payment - Royalties - 50 % divided equally for anthologies

Anthology - IMRev publishes Paperbacks and eAnthologies

- fantasy  - horror - eroticia - fiction - poetry

Submit by email - 7000 word limit for fiction 


Jira Sutta

Email Submissions

Please submit by email.    Do not include attachments until we ask for them.  Submissions must be photo ready. 

Myth of the Eternal Return - Amazon Books


Anthology Series  - please query 



The Isles publishes a series of eBooks and Paperbacks.   

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